Chilly 45 M-LT

Glykolkjøler fra Kreyer

Varenr: 106000

The cooling unit Chilly M-LT (Low Temperature) has a compact and space-saving design and is easy to assemble. The units are equipped with a hermetically closed motor compressor and a cooling water circuit containing a water tank and centrifugal pump. This new generation of Chilly M-LT units is equipped with an elegant and solid stainless steel housing and with a highly efficient micro-channel condenser that ensures optimal heat-transfer. The Chilly M-LT units are available in various sizes, with cooling capacities from 2,2 up to 4,2 kW. Units with varying voltage options are available on request.

The Chilly M-LT series is conceived for low water temperature ranges, from -10°C up to +15°C. They are perfectly adapted for low-cooling applications in beer (conditioning, Lagers), for wine stabilization and for cooling before carbonation. 

Thanks to their attractive price and minimal installation requirements the Chilly M-LT units are the optimal solution for small wineries, breweries or distilleries that require only cooling for their production. 


  • Cooling water temperature range from -10°C to +15°C (from 14°F to 59°F)
  • Ambient temperatures from +10°C to +42°C (from 50°F to 108°F)
  • Stainless steel housing
  • Highly efficient micro-channel condenser


  • Cooling of must / wine / beer and other liquids such as cider, mead, carbonated soft-drinks, jam etc. during the fermentation process and for storage
  • Pre-cooling of must or wine for pre-clearing
  • Fermentation interruption and tartaric stabilisation of wines
  • Beer cooling for cruch-cooling wort, maturation, conditioning, cooling the Brite Beer Tank (BBT) etc.
  • Cooling and stabilisation of distillates
  • Room temperating of halls and storage rooms - only possible with additional fan coils


  • Available in three models: Chilly 25 M-LT / Chilly 35 M-LT / Chilly 45 M-LT
  • Cooling capacity: 2,2 - 4,2 kW (2,95 - 5,6 HP)
  • Electric connection: 230V/1Ph/50Hz (other options by inquiry)
  • Inlet/outlet connection both supplied in standard: ball-valve ¾“ male thread and 13mm tube-fitting for flexible tubes

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