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Chilly MAX 50

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The Chilly MAX unit has a compact design. It takes little space and is very easy to install and to start-up. The units are mobile on wheels. The same as the Chilly shelf-top units, the Chilly MAX is equipped with a with a hermetically closed motor compressor and with a complete cooling water circuit containing stainless steel water tank and centrifugal pump. Also, they contain an additional heater which is integrated inside a stainless steel water-tank.

The Chilly MAX series is equipped with a micro-channel condenser which enables even more efficient heat-transfer. The ventilator is mounted on the top part of the unit, so the unit can be placed near a wall with any side facing it. The side-boards are very easy to remove, allowing easy access for maintenance.

The Chilly MAX is available in three sizes and capacities from 6,4 – 12,7 kW. It is the optimal solution for small to medium-size wineries, breweries, cideries, etc. that mainly wish to cool but  that also need to heat their products from time to time.


  • Cooling water temperature range from -10°C to +40°C (from 14°F to 104°F)
  • Ambient temperature range from +10°C to +42°C (from 50°F to 108°F)
  • Unit mobile on wheels
  • Highly efficient micro-channel condenser


  • Cooling and heating of must, wine, beer and other liquids such as cider, carbonated soft-drinks, distillates etc.
  • Fermentation temperature control
  • Tartaric stabilisation of wines and biological reduction of acids
  • Cool storage of wine until bottling
  • Maturation of young beer
  • Cooling and stabilisation of distillates
  • Room temperating of halls and storage rooms - only possible with additional fan coils


  • Available in three models: Chilly MAX 50 / Chilly MAX 90 / Chilly MAX 110
  • Cooling capacity: 6,4 - 12,7 kW (8,58 - 17,03 HP)
  • Refrigerant: R410A
  • Electric connection: 400V/3Ph/50Hz (other options by inquiry)
  • Water inlet / outlet connection: 3/4" (female)



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